Strengthening your team through Training

Ryan Excel Consulting offers Tailored Training Services (described below) and Mentoring Services (click here).

Our unique approach to customized Excel Training starts with a review of your current models.  We then build a course that focuses on the parts of Excel most relevant to your work, using your own models as examples.  Subsequent individual follow-up sessions complement the course material.  This combined approach significantly increases post-training retention.

When should you consider our Tailored Training services?

Why many Excel training courses fail?

The goal of training is to expand the skill set of your staff and improve their effectiveness in their day-to-day work – many training courses fail to fulfill this goal for several reasons:

Our Tailored Training is unique

This service has three components:

Courses include:

Course Details

Initial Review:

Training Course:

Follow-up Sessions:


Training Courses:

  • Advanced Excel
  • Macro Development using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)
  • Spreadsheet Modeling Best Practices
  • Auditing Techniques

"When all is said and done, the software had to work, and adoption was essential. We rolled our multi-language software out nationally, and it has been an extraordinary success. Charlie's roll was critical in achieving that success."

Stuart Barron
VP Real Estate Finance
Cushman Wakefield LePage